Thursday, November 17, 2011

Giving books to children. A St Luke's Christmas scheme

Lisa D'Onofrio has organised a Giving Tree in Dymocks, Bendigo. You go to the store, pick a tag (which will say the children's gender, age and interests,) and purchase a book for them. Lisa wraps the books, and gives them out at the St Luke's Christmas party - so she can guarantee each child gets the book. St Lukes Literacy Improvement Project/Dymocks Book Giving Tree for children in Foster Care

Please support reading by buying one of the book titles tagged onto the festive tree displayed at the Dymocks store in Bendigo, each containing a unique reference to a foster child in the area. Each book bought will be delivered to the child, in time for Christmas. This book buying makes a great alternative to Secret Santa schemes and office card giving and it is a real opportunity to give a gift that really does keep giving - and make a difference.

It is hoped that more than 75 children in care will benefit from the scheme. Some of these children have not been the owner of a book and many have not had the same access to books as other children.

The St Lukes Literacy Improvement Project (SLIP) began this year as a way to increase awareness about the importance of literacy amongst children in care and foster carers. The project is run by Lisa D'Onofrio, Word Mine Committee member, who guarantees each child gets the book. If you'd like further information please contact Lisa:

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