Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Meeting

Despite the stormy weather on Wednesday night about 40 people turned up for our first meeting. We now have a committee: Terry Jaensch, Cath James, Lisa D'Onofrio, Dick Mack, Adam Ford and Ann de Hugard. The winner of the poetry competition is Evelyn Jackson and runner-up, Christine King. There were some wonderfully original takes on the idea. Evelyn managed to use all the words on the list and still create a poem that made sense.
I will be writing in the Word Mine this coming Tuesday, 10am - 2pm. If you'd like to join me please drop in.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Meeting on Wednesday

Don't forget our first meeting of the Castlemaine Word Mine this coming Wednesday, 28 September at 7pm.
We will be asking for your input regarding the use of the room and for ideas about events, courses, workshops etc. Also if you would like to be on a small committee to oversee the operation of the Word Mine come prepared to volunteer your services.
Terry Jaensch, local poet/performer will entertain us; the winner of the launch poetry competition will be announced. Plus time for networking over tea or coffee.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An afternoon of poetry on Sunday 25th September

If you haven't ever been to the Guildford readings here is an invitation from Ross Donlon for this coming Sunday, 3-5pm. There is an open section for you to read and compete for the Castlemaine Cup.

Catherine Bateson and Geoff Page : Together at Last. At the Guildford Poetry Reading

Geoff Page (ACT) and Catherine Bateson, two of the most luminous stars on the Australian poetry scene feature at the September 25 reading at the Guildford Hotel. 3pm - 5pm.

Together at last etc. and both in the amazing old goldfields atmosphere of the Guildford Hotel - on the Daylesford / Ballarat Road from Castlemaine - five rhyming couplets from Castlemaine - 15 minutes for humankind.

Along with the vibrant Open Section in keen competition for the coveted Castlemaine Cup - 3 mins absolute max miketime - raffles - book vouchers.

Still only gold coin donation.

Geoff Page is a Canberra-based poet who has published eighteen collections of poetry as well as two novels, four verse novels and several other works including anthologies, translations and a biography of the jazz musician, Bernie McGann. He has also read his work and talked on Australian poetry throughout Europe as well as in India, Singapore, China, Korea, the United States and New Zealand.

Among his more recent works are: Agnostic Skies (Five Islands Press 2006); Lawrie & Shirley:The Final Cadenza (Pandanus Books 2007); 60 Classic Australian Poems (UNSW Press 2009); Coda for Shirley (Interactive Press 2011 forthcoming); A Sudden Sentence in the Air: Jazz Poems (Extempore 2011 forthcoming) as well as the CD Coffee with Miles (River Road Press 2009)

Catherine Bateson's latest collection of poetry, Marriage for Beginners, was published by John Leonard Press in 2008. It is her third collection of poetry. She is an award-winning writer for children and young adults, having twice won the CBCA Children's Book of the Year Award, Younger Readers and also had Honour Books for Younger Readers and Young Adults. She has published three verse novels for young adults and is currently working on a libretto retelling the Rapunzel fairy story. Collaborating with her on this project is composer and picture book writer and illustrator, Matt Ottley. Most recently, her poetry sequence, 'Learning the Tango', was published in The Wicked Wood, Tales from the Tower, Volume Two, edited by Isobelle Carmody and Nan McNab. She is currently finishing a new novel for younger readers.

Get there early for this one, folks. The Wow Factor is high.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last two days

The poetry competition ends this Saturday at midnight. So if you have a poem to submit using at least 10 words from the word list please send it to me via email. The pile is growing and there are some wonderfully ingenuous examples of word usage. Carmel Bird will judge the competition.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Rules of poetry competition

Please check the rules for the competition in the earlier post. And if you have any queries about it email me.

Post Launch - and that list

Thank you to everyone who came to yesterday's launch, and to the people who worked behind the scenes to make it such a huge success. We had around 80 participants and many apologies. And we raised around $900 towards refurbishment of the room. Don't forget if you would like to contribute Persian rugs, original old masters,priceless illuminated manuscripts please get in touch!
And here is the list of words provided by members of the audience. You are invited to chose at least 10 of these words and create a marvelous poem. It's wonderful to see such complex and varied words. What an intelligent lot you are! When you have ceased from your exploration of the Macquarie or Oxford please send your creation to . The steering committee will then have the arduous task of selecting a winner. 1st prize a year's membership of CWM and a bottle of grog. The name of the winner will announced at the gathering on the 28th September.

Now here's the list with original spelling (unless spell check has been at work:
1. steeple
2. garden
3. effervescent
4. obscenity
5. ovate
6. beyond
7. memorise
8. madrigal
9. greatness
10. swallow
11. watching
12. astounded
13. shimmering
14. imperial
15. frenetic
16. samsara
17. honesty
18. periphery
19. butterfingers
20. clatter
21. quench
22. frittering
23. virtuosity
24. sotisier
25. digger
26. grandfather
27. pernickety
28. savage
29. erotic
30. prestidigitation
31. multiplicity
32. catapult
33. goulash
34. grace
35. conspiracism
36. merging
37. caricature
38. bugger
39. curmudgeon
40. traveller
41. crepuscular
42. scrabble
43. event
44. fun
45. procrastination
46. appendix
47. good
48. sesquipedalian
49. balanced
50. poppycock
51. evocation
52. scamper
53. delve
54. omphalopsychotic (sychite)
55. think
56. mystery
57. generosity
58. palimpsest
59. desolate
60. melisma